… (at ASHKAHN)



#sunday (at ASHKAHN)

#rp thx 4 the luv @handworks_chapelst ⭐️ #letterpress fluorescent red & jet black ink on cotton paper ♥️ #ASHKAHN 🍌 (at ASHKAHN)

this album should be studied like the bible. there should be classes taught in every single college in the world about it. this album should play on repeat in the white house. every government should base the development of it’s laws around it. this album should be required to be the soundtrack of every wedding, of every baby being born (and made) and first dates etc. etc. etc.

prob my bestselling card yet… (at ASHKAHN)

drawing of a dream i had last night (i chose pico de gallo) 💭

saturday vibes: herbal smokes mezcal lime jalapeno cucumber and drawing = my kind of heaven 🌈

#rp thx 4 the luv @tanitah1 💖 happy golden saturday 💰 #ASHKAHN 🍌 (at ASHKAHN)

LOL (at Lamill Coffee Boutique)

saturday morning ⭐️


#rp thx for the photo @kwokyemy of one of my classics. half the things. #letterpress lavender, ballerina pink, jet black on cotton paper. 👌 #ASHKAHN 🍌 (at ASHKAHN)

something i wrote and narrated for @heatherhaber ‘s spring/summer fashion ‘15 video 💎 link in my profile to watch 📺 (at ASHKAHN)