LOL @linehotel serves drinks in plastic containers yay or nay? (at The LINE Hotel)

i wish i could see street sign holder twirling this around @kidinkbatgang 🌀


luv the photos people be taking in front of my mural @thestandard dtla! keep em’ coming and make sure to check it out OK? thx @pamanderz 😉 #ASHKAHN 🍌 (at The Standard, Downtown LA)

#sunday 🎈

#saturday nights 4ever ⭐️

in process of making the best goddamn raw sauerkraut with caraway seeds, jalapeno and ginger on this side of town ✌️

happy 2 years to my bebe shadow luv u 🐶 @heatherhaber

the #nicest

#saturday 🌸

#saturday NO REQUESTS type design i did for dj booth a while back @thestandard dtla ❤️ #rp #ASHKAHN (at The Standard Rooftop Bar)

#saturday 💛

#fbf to my raving days. early 2000’s frosted spikes held up by elmers glue took me over an hour to do it. volcom shirt and in a dance crew loved lollipops at the time too… 😉


remember to always read the fine print #TGIF 🌴 (at ASHKAHN)