Happy 420 🌱 #sunday 🌸

C U SOON 🍒 (at KK Gallery)

#NothingLastsForever 💎

Feeling bored & lonely on this sunny Saturday? Then come out to Pobody’s Nerfect featuring new work by myself and @adamvillacin tonight @kklosangeles 7-10pm 🌴 #LA #chinatown #ASHKAHN 🍦 (at KK Gallery)

Oh yeah, I have an art show with the very talented @adamvillacin opening tomorrow (saturday) night in Chinatown #LA @kklosangeles with the print above in it. 💖 7-10pm 😎 plz come & hug. Thx 🌴 #ASHKAHN

So #cray getting featured today on the raddest @designlovefest with the sweetest photos by @sheila_gim (hope insta doesn’t delete this cuz my legs?) 😭 #ASHKAHN

OK, so damn honored to have my lil’ cards featured on the amazing @designlovefest today. Photos by the brilliant @sheila_gim 💎 #ASHKAHN

Holy cross towing co.

Gettin’ served by the most imaginative bartender in America 🌈 @kaygrill 💖💖💖 (at Bestia)

God bless America 🌈 (at Sqirl Kitchen)

One of the many reasons why I luv #JulianSchnabel Peep this dedication at the back of this amazing new book collecting a lifetime of amazing work published by @karmakarma9 🌟

Good morning 💘 #stingray

Back from #Coachella trip with a headache the size of #Texas and the most amazing memories thanks to the homies tagged up in hereeeee. Till next time 💗💖💘

#TGIM 🌴 photo by @sheila_gim 😎 #ASHKAHN

Good morning #Coachella 💘 #caviar