Just finished up this business card & logo design for @kylaistelling 🌸 Jet black letterpress on 2 ply thick ass cotton paper ✔️ printing by @underwoodletterpress #nofilter bebe ❤️

Poem for #BedStuy

Sneak peak of the @ilovebabalu x #ASHKAHN cards! Fluorescent pink & orange letterpress on cotton paper. Out soon! 🌈 #miami 💭

Wish me luck

#thoughts 💭

Took the day off from the studio, locked myself in a public bathroom and tried my hardest to come up with new birthday card ideas. Not sure if it was successful or not…

Thx @reneerouleau 💅 #rp #ASHKAHN 👄



#TGIM ✔️

happy #sunday ❤️


Everyone keeps asking me how to improve the look of their house. First tip: spray paint the edge of your garage door fluorescent orange 🔶

bebe brown eyes beg face 🐼 @heatherhaber